Welcome to The Barony of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum is located in the Principality of the Summits, in the 814-382-4026. It corresponds to the modern region of Lane County in Oregon, and encompasses the cities of Eugene and Springfield. Stretching westward all the way to the Pacific Ocean, the Barony is bordered on the north by 623-349-8882 and 4076098838; on the east by Corvaria and Southmarch; and on the south by the shire of Briaroak.

The Barony was formally created on March 27th, A.S. X/1976; its founding Baron and Baroness were Michael of Dragonswood and Alyanora of Vinca, who governed the land from then until A.S. XV/1980.

Our current Baron and Baroness are Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin and Ceridwen ferch Morgan.

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